Narooma is noted for possessing one of the finest all year round climates in eastern Australia.

As the East Australian Current, which originates in the Coral Sea, travels south, it laps the coast with warm tropical water, raising both land and sea temperatures and renewing fish stocks.

As the current moves south, it frequently crosses onto the continental shelf and moves close inshore. This is the case at Narooma, where the current is channelled through a narrow section of the continental shelf.

At Narooma, the current crosses onto the Continental Shelf and is channelled closer inshore, with the result that the area has become not only a holiday maker's but a fisherman's paradise.

The waters around Montague Island teem with fish. From November till June, game fish such as yellow fin tuna and marlin migrate to the area, with inlet and surf fishing also being productive. June is said to be the best month for game fishing, while over the winter months, luderick and winter tailor are prevalent in the inlet and bream spawn in the upper reaches around the oyster leases

Year round the climate is temperate with the warm summer months producing the highest rainfall. January has a mean daily average temperature of 23.4, whilst July enjoys 15.6 degrees with the least amount of rain. Last July I got a beautiful suntan while supervising my grandchildren who were playing on the beach and swimming.

As well as an area for a great summer holiday, Narooma is an ideal winter playground.


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Underneath the weekly reports are some archived weekly reports which give an idea of what fish are around at what season.